How & Why You Need to Increase Your Speed to Lead

Studies have shown that the odds of making successful contact with a lead are significantly higher if the contact is made within the first 5 minutes of receiving the lead. After 5 minutes, the odds of making contact decrease rapidly, and after 30 minutes, the odds of making contact are significantly lower, giving your competitors the opportunity to take that lead from you.

Leads went to their competitor

According to a lead response study done by MIT here are some stats that will really bring things to light:

  • After 5 minutes pass, the odds of connecting & qualifying with the lead drop by 80%
  • Responding to leads within the first minute increases conversions by 391%

These stats are insane!

I have worked with businesses that won’t respond to questions for days. Sometimes it is simply because they didn’t realize that someone was trying to contact them. I have been guilty of this myself. Things can get complicated when you are juggling multiple platforms such as phone calls, texts, email, Facebook Messenger, and your Google Business Profile messages while trying to get all your other tasks done at the same item.

I have found a way to give customers an instant response!



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I can respond to a customer’s request for quotes & inquiries within the 5-minute window. I can actually respond within seconds of their submission.

I achieve this through automation tools, and text and email autoresponders. Even if a lead cannot be fully addressed in the initial response, I can set up an automation to acknowledge the lead and set a timeframe for a more detailed response. This helps establish a positive relationship and increases the chances that the lead will become a client.

It doesn’t matter whether they come in through Facebook Messenger, my chat widget that you see in the bottom corner of this website, my email form, or my Google Business Profile, I can set up autoresponders and lead my potential customers (you) down the paths that I want you to go until I’m able to personally jump on the phone to text or call you.

Here’s a quick video that shows you how I’m doing it. You can do this for your business too!

This can all be done for as little as $97 a month. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, if you could save one lead from going to your competition by increasing your speed to lead, this service will pay for itself. I believe this system will 10x, 20x, or even 100x pay for itself. This system can also help eliminate other software that you might be using, reducing your tech stack costs.

Let's Do this!