Video Transcription

Hi, Im Jon Lewis with 616 and in this video we are going to talk about the best alternatives to HomeAdvisor. So if your watching this video you are either tired of spending more than you like for leads, you’re tired of paying for junk leads, or both. So what are your options? What are the best alternatives to HomeAdvisor? What is the best way to get leads so you can grow your business? So there are a few ways that I believe in my opinion are the best and it depends on where your business Is at which you should do. So here they are number one is you can find a marketer to sell you exclusive leads. The benefit of this is you’ll find a marketer that only sells to you that doesn’t sell to any other businesses and those leads that could possibly you could work something out so it is a win-win situation. So that is option number 1.Option number to is you can find a marketer to build you your own lead generating system and the thing with this is it’s gonna cost you more upfront. However depending on how you work out with this individual it could be yours whenever this person is done with it it just depends on what you work out, but it could be a good set up for you if you can manage it afterwards you now just get the system set up if you don’t have time to set up the system you’ll want somebody to do it. The third thing you could do is if you do have time on your hands and your interested in it because you can build your own lead generating system. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you what I would do if I were a marketer you your own generating system or what I’d do if i were to do it myself for myself this is exactly what I’d do something similar to this if I were to sell leads to you if I were to build a system apart from your website that generates leads.So stick around because in the end we are gonna go live and I’m gonna show you a website that I’ve done on this web. So here we go number 1 thing that you wanna do is that you want to make a lead generating system is you wanna build a website that is designed to turn your visitors into customers. How you do that is you make obvious call to actions on your website and I’m gonna show you were gonna go live in a little bit and I’m gonna show you what I mean by that. Number 2 is that you wanna make sure that your website is search engine optimized for key phrases that your customers are actually searching for. You know some people try to rank for their business name in search engines. You know if people aren’t searching for your business that is not a good idea. If you aren’t a well known business there is no point in it. You want to make sure your business is optimized for search phrases that your customers are actually searching for. Number 3 is you wanna build backlinks or get links from other websites to point back to your website so it ranks organically in search engines and I’ll talk about that a little bit later too. Number 4 and this one is really important submit your business to local directories. After this video I’ll have a link to where you can acquire to 50 different directories that will help you and you can pick that up also after this video.So the number place you want to submit your business is to google my business listing or google maps. You want to have your business their because Google is the number one search engine. So whatever you can do inside Google is always gonna benefit you so that is what you wanna do. So lets go off of this slideshow here and let’s go live and check out something that I did. So this is one of my first customers in a local SEO scene. I’ve done so many different things with internet marketing with affiliate marketing,ecommerce you now that kind of stuff.So while practicing this just trying to figure this out this is one of my first customers. So I’m gonna show you just what I did. So if you go on google and your in Hudsonville or if you are not Hudsonvillelle just put in Dog Grooming Hudsonville, Michigan. You are gonna find Squeaky Clean Pet Grooming  is gonna be the first listing here commonly known as the google three pack this is the place that you would wanna be.I mean it is one of the first things you would see and it you would also see the reviews.So this is my client here her name is Pam. This is her business Squeaky Clean Pet Grooming. So I got her in the number one spot there. So as you look down you will see these things called organic listings and I got her in the second spot right here. So you can click her and we’ll go there in a second and you can check out the website, but in order to get into this 3 pack here you have to get a google my business listing that is the number one important thing two getting reviews is important three is a lot of different factors that allow you to be in this three pack. one is proximity so sometimes people are trying to rank for a city that they are not even close to and that’s not gonna work out for you. So there is some tips for you,but google my business is super important and I’ll have information on how to sign up for that and all that videos and have upcoming stuff because I want to train people to show you what I do and if another marketer goes and takes my stuff you know this is a big world and their is a lot of people that need websites and need help so I feel like I can give free information and help those people who are wanting to do this themselves DIYers. So anyways let’s go check out that website let’s scroll down here and click on Pam’s website. So the first thing I talked about is actually converting visitors into customers. So how you do that is I made an obvious calls to action. So I made obvious calls to action on this website. The first thing you see is Make an Appointment. If you click on that it opens up to a form and this form gives her the information she needs and gives her the lead. Most people in this industry if they’re making an appointment and they put the information down they are ready to go they want to use your service. So the other thing we did is we put key phrases in specific places on the website we have them in the title tags we have them in the h1 h2 tags and we also have them in the text.Now these are key phrases that we now people are actually using to search for these business. So you can’t do wrong in the dog grooming industry with pet grooming if you also groom cats and dog grooming. Dog grooming is probably the most searched. Pet grooming ya whatever. So making Sure that those key phrases so if you look up here it says Squeaky Clean Pet Grooming Hudsonville, Michigan just making sure that pet grooming and Hudsonville, Michigan in there same thing here and that is how we ranked it organically and search engines along with getting the links from a few other websites pointing back to this website and another really important thing to know is reviews up here on the front home page people don’t really attend to trust these as much because people can copy these pictures and then put the texts on. The best reviews are ones that are actually coming from another place. I gonna show you here.We did this and all of the facebook reviews show up on this website to and it takes a moment to pull up here. They show up on our website and it shows all of our reviews and their are better ways to actually put reviews on your website their is actually a service that you can get and I can provide as well. I have a video about on how to weed through bad reviews with it. For the most part it can block those bad reviews going on your website and it will help you get real reviews from real customers on google on and yelp all of these different places. It is a pretty cool system and I can hook you up with that as well or show you how to do it yourself. So anyways these are the things that we do and this is just social proof. You know people want to see how good this person doing and that is why we have these reviews and again how realistic that it can the better. If you can get somebody to do a video review for you the better. So anyways that is how we build a website and I mean this is not everything obviously. It’d be like hours long video may be to tell you how to build the system but, in a  nutshell we do SEO and we make sure we have obvious calls to action on our website, have a clean website that is easy to navigate, and have reviews that people can see as social proof and an easy form to fill out and to get that lead sent to you. So that is how it is done. So anyways after this video I have a link that you can click and I’m going to give you access to 50 different directories to submit your business to local directories that can help you if you are a local service based business. I also have other links and other resources that can help you building. So if you are watching this video just click the link below and you can go to my website and I will have more information there as well and if you like this video make sure you give it a thumbs up and comment if you have any question. So thanks for watching and see you on the other side.