Hi, I’m

Jon Lewis

I enjoy helping small businesses make more money by creating lead generating websites and systems.

My Services

All my services include analytics so you know where your customers are coming from and understand your ROI.

Lead Gen Websites

I build websites that convert visitors into customers.

Google Ads

Draw targeted traffic to your website. 

Facebook Ads

Show potential customers what you have to offer.


SEO will help your business show up on organic search results.

Lead Gen System

For service-based businesses speed to the lead is key. We live in a society that wants everything immediately. Consumers expect quick responses when inquiring about their service needs. If you can’t respond to leads in 5 minutes or less, you may be losing clients to the competition.

I can set your business up with a system that will allow you to respond to leads almost instantly no matter if they are messaging you from your website, via text, Facebook Messenger, or your Google Business Profile. 

Our system also allows you to automate your email campaigns, which can help you nurture your leads and improve your conversion rates. Additionally, our review management feature helps you to stay on top of your online reputation by monitoring and responding to customer reviews across multiple platforms, helping you save time, increase your efficiency, and grow your business.  Learn More

Lead Generation

Capture leads

Reputation Management

Grow & manage reviews in one place.


Track and nurture leads.

Book Appointments

Leads are great, but ultimately those leads need to get booked in your calendar.

Get to Know Me

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Here are a few examples of my recent work.


I have a variety of skills that I have grown and continue to grow over the years. I enjoy and feel I’m most gifted in generating and converting traffic.

Website Design & Conversions

  • Web Design 80% 80%
  • SEO 81% 81%
  • System Integration 98% 98%

Traffic Generation

  • Lead Gen 95% 95%
  • Google Ads 95% 95%
  • Facebook Ads 96% 96%


This is my little DIY corner where I show you what I do and how I do it

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How & Why You Need to Increase Your Speed to Lead

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Go High Level Overview

Go High Level Overview

Affiliate Disclosure - I'm an affiliate and a reseller for Go High Level. Any links to Go High Level are most likely affiliate links. If you click on the links and purchase Go High Level I will receive a commission. HighLevel is the system that I use to manage my...